We love graphic design and it is nothing without understanding typography. We pushed the boundaries of exploring typography by creating our own hand-drawn, custom-made typeface, inspired by the Futura and Hindi lettering.

This iconic advertising poster for Ateem has been well appreciated over the years by artists and designers all over the world. The bright and well-set colors have made this poster a piece of art.

Any good and well-constructed typeface will be designed in a way to provide Light, Medium, Bold and many other font styles for users to choose from. We created three different font styles with no expense spared.

“Free him from his hunger” – Advertising Poster 1 shows the usage of the typeface.

“Free him from his work” – Advertising Poster 2 shows the usage of the typeface.

“Free her from her burden” – Advertising Poster 3 shows the usage of the typeface.


Accent Color

Side Bars

Header Style

Footer Style

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